Everyone loves a Good News Story – especially when it involves an animal…

Elizabeth Brydon was walking with her four year old Labrador Chino at Linn Park in Glasgow. As they were walking Chino suddenly leapt off the bridge and fell 30 feet into a shallow river below. Ms Brydon thought Chino was dead when she saw him laying still on the rocks.

Chino was taken to the vets and X-rayed and to the amazement of both vet and owner there were no broken bones. He had suffered a collapsed lung and severe bruising but apart from that was relatively unscathed. He spent a night at the vets with some painkillers but is definitely still here to tell the tale. He certainly is a miracle dog and lucky to have survived that fall.

If you or any friends and family have a tale to tell about your pets and miracle escapes please get in touch.