Do you live on Smiley Lane or Inspirations Way ?

Here at Banana Crumble we promise to make our featured articles, positive, motivational, inspirational, uplifting or just amusing.

On a fairly regular basis we see lists of road names that are rude or funny. This made us think about what street names we could find that link in with the Banana Crumble ethos. We thought it would be amusing to share with you. So here goes!!

Lucky Lane BS3

Smiley Lane NE66

Happy Island Way DT6

Inspirations Way BR6

Challenge Close DA12

Cheeryble Street M43

Joy Avenue NR15

Then we thought about what we do at Banana Crumble and came up with:

Chats Lane ST21 in honour of our Banana Chat

Chief Street CB6 in honour of our Chief Banana

Winner Street TQ4 in honour of all our winners

Cash Lane  ST21 in honour of our prizes

Charity Crescent WR11 in honour of our Charity of the Year

Prize Close NG11 in honour of our winners and the number of prizes we have given away

Crumblehorn Road PR3 in honour of us at Banana Crumble

Or we could always pop for a drink at The Optimist or at The Good Intent or even to The Winner!!!

Can any of our members come up with names that they think fit into our Banana Crumble ethos or do any of our members live in these roads or frequent these pubs? !! We can’t find any Banana names!!! We look forward to hearing your ideas. Please send any ideas to

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