Good News can come to those who wait…..

At The Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014  Elise Christie received death threats and online abuse after a collision with a South Korean skater. Despite being hotly tipped for a gold medal she was disqualified in all three events. Her heartbreak was clear to see in her interviews immediately after those disqualifications.

Christie was originally a figure skater but took up speed skating when she was about 12. Despite being crowned overall speed skating World Champion in 2017 Christie was determined to put Sochi behind her and go for gold at Pyeongchang.

Her first event yet again brought heartbreak  as she crashed out of the Women’s 500 metre final. After the event Christie once again appeared in tears. Immediately after her crash she put a message on twitter

“I’m heartbroken with the result, but I also know what happened wasn’t in my control! I worked so hard for the 500, but this time round it wasn’t meant to be, 4 years to prepare to be a 500 Olympic champion, but for now onwards and upwards to the next event. Thanks for all the 💜”


Whether it was anything to do with her online abuse last time but Christie has stopped messaging on social media sites

Hey guys im going to be a bit quieter over the next few days so I can focus on my preparation! Especially for the 1000m coming up! Thanks so much for all the support it’s overwhelming! I promise to do my best! Sending you guys all my love 💜

Elise Christie had messages of motivation from Jessica Ennis-Hill amongst others

Sport is so cruel sometimes and I know you must be devastated. But you’ve absolutely got the strength and talent to come back so much stronger, it’s not over by any means and we are all rooting for you. Jess x

There are always two ways of dealing with things that go wrong . The first is to give up and the second is to learn from those things and move forward. As I am writing this I do not know if success will go Elise Christie’s way but if determination and perseverance are anything to go by she will win her medal. We, at Banana Crumble, will be cheering on Elise Christie in her quest for gold and hope that she will be remembered for her skill and success rather than for the tears. If tears are her legacy then let’s hope they can be tears of joy this time!!