It wouldn’t happen to me………

We have all nearly done it. When on holiday with a hire car I think there hasn’t been a trip when one or other of us hasn’t got to the car door and realised that either the driver isn’t on the driving side or vice versa but I think we have all realised before we have opened the door. Not this time! Spanish car parks are notorious for bad parking and also for the number of elderly drivers. These two facts are probably or should I say definitely linked. An elderly couple got into their car and started to manoeuvre out of a space that probably two tanks could have got out of.

Backwards and forwards and getting on towards a twenty point turn when all they needed to do was drive straight. It was worth watching and then panicking about, when we realised it was our car, only a few metres away. Richard decided it would be safer to jump into our car quickly and move it out of harm’s way. He dived into the car, keys in hand, ready for a quick getaway but old habits die hard and the keys, when you are actually sitting in the passenger seat, didn’t really engineer the speedy exit that he was after! I am not sure who was more embarrassed, Richard or the elderly driver when he realised he had an audience. Richard was secretly hoping that no one had noticed his mistake but when you make a mistake of that magnitude, especially when laughing at someone else’s misfortune, it will come back to haunt you.