Donut City – A place where the community comes together….

A donut shop called Donut City in California has recently started selling out of donuts within hours of opening and there is a heartwarming reason why.

Owners Stella and John Chan have run the shop for 28 years and have a loyal number of customers who frequent their store regularly. In recent times customers noticed that Stella hadn’t been at the shop for a while and asked why. Stella suffered a brain aneurysm last month and has been recovering in hospital. With John not being able to afford to close the shop he was unable to spend time with his wife and aid her recovery. Then his customers took it upon themselves to help him.

A Facebook post that went viral meant that customers are queuing outside from the second the shop opens. By midday all the donuts are sold and John can close the shop to be able to spend as much valuable time with his wife as he can.

It just shows how amazing total strangers can be to one another and how just a little bit of help really can brighten up peoples lives.