A Saturday tale to make you smile. Whether it is true or a bit of poetic licence has been added the thought of the following did make me laugh, especially with all of the online deliveries that people have had during lockdown.

The box where it asks if you are out do you have any other instructions eg leave with neighbours has always been intriguing. Sometimes when you say leave with neighbours it is thrown over the gate. Are these instructions ever read and then you hear tales like this and you realise that some delivery people really do go the extra mile to make sure those details are followed.

In the tale I heard, as a joke, the person ordering had filled in those extra instructions and said “knock three times, shout abracadabra as loud as you can and then turn and run away.” When the delivery was made the lady who was dropping the parcel followed those instructions to the letter but what she didn’t realise was that the actions were filmed by the camera system in the door bell. I wonder how many times this tale has been told both by the person who gave the instructions and also by the person following them. Certainly made me smile!!

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Why was Santa drunk and disorderly?

This true story certainly made us smile so we thought we would share it with you!! Christmas is fast approaching and there are so many parcels on their way to destinations all around the country. It must be a nightmare for delivery drivers with people being so busy trying to deliver the parcels when the owner isn’t at home.

Last week we ordered a box of wine to be delivered to our house. We had been out all day and came home to find the following card through our door

It was really kind of the delivery driver to put the parcel somewhere safe. When we went to retrieve the parcel what we saw certainly made us laugh. Santa had fallen over in the wind and was leaning up against the box of wine. We actually think that Santa had made a start on the wine and was drunk and he needed the box to try and keep standing up!!

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