Not a crossword here!…..

Here at Banana Crumble we are always on the look out for stories that will make you smile or laugh. This story genuinely has that warm fuzzy feeling of young love!!

Edward Fraser and his girlfriend Rachel Herman always did the Eastern Daily Press crossword together. ¬†When Edward wanted to propose to his girlfriend of seven years he wanted to come up with a unique and novel way of asking her. He thought the idea of compiling a crossword designed especially for her would be the perfect. He had to get the agreement of the local paper to publish the special crossword as one of their own but he also wanted some help with the cryptic clues. For this help he turned to none other than Rachel’s Dad Terry who was the one who introduced Rachel to the crossword.

The crossword took Edward two months to compile and he not only came up with the answer “Will You Marry Me” as one of the answers but he selected other answers that had special meanings to Rachel.

On the day that the crossword was published Edward and Rachel sat down to answer the clues together as normal. She said in her local paper that at first it just felt like a normal crossword but then she started to realise the plan. She didn’t say yes straight away but decided to let Edward sweat and to make sure that the crossword was really aimed at her.

Once the crossword was completed Rachel did indeed say yes to Edward and the couple got engaged. They now plan to marry in August 2019. Lets hope they have a long and happy marriage with lots of crosswords but not many cross words !!!