Lets hope it is Good News

Today is A-Level result day and we are hoping for good results for all of our members waiting on them.

For those of us who have been past this stage in our life we all remember the sleepless night  and the nervous wait until you get to school to pick that dreaded envelope up on results day. As much as exams are a really important part to the next stage in your life and these can determine whether or not you get into your first choice university or get your dream job, it isn’t life or death. For those of you that do well then congratulations and look forward to that next stage and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

For those of you who don’t, look at the different options available to you be it clearing or for jobs or apprenticeships. Sometimes what seems like an earth shattering calamity can actually turn out to be the best thing that had happened with the benefit of hindsight.

Let us hope that this is a good day for all those concerned!!

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Congratulations Claire Lomas!!!

After reporting last week about the fantastic effort Claire Lomas had put into competing in the Greater Manchester Marathon (click here to read our previous article), we just had to keep you updated with her progress.

To remind you about Claire, in 2007 she was thrown from her horse and fractured her neck, spine and a number of ribs. She had to have surgery and they put titanium rods into her back but were unable to repair the damage and she was told that she may never walk again.

Today, Claire completed the Marathon in 9 days beating her previous record of 17 days fairly convincingly.


To see her cross the finish line and some more of her inspiring work, you can watch the videos on The Greater Manchester Marathons Facebook page.

Claire you are inspiration to us all and from Banana Crumble we congratulate you on such an amazing achievement.