Thank you with some pretzels

We often see stories that bring a smile to our faces and this is certainly one of those. It was a Facebook story about a 96 year old lady who was flying to see her daughter. This elderly lady hadn’t flown for 15 years but had wanted to visit her daughter. On the flight apparently she asked to hold the hand of the man who was sitting next to her as she was scared. The man let her hold his hand and then calmed her during the flight and explained everything that was going on. Not only that, he also helped her with her bag and then made sure she actually met up with her daughter. The lady was taken back with his compassion and offered him her flight pretzels as a thank you. A great story but there was one comment I read about this that truly made me think.

To be kind and compassionate costs nothing but is priceless to the recipient. One good deed a day by all of us can make the world a better place.

How true are these words and sometimes the act of kindness only has to be something small and possibly trivial to the majority but to some people this could make such a difference. There are so many kind, compassionate and caring people in the world so then why is it always the ones that do bad things that make the headlines. Focus on the good things and strive for the positive.

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