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Banana Chat- meet Ben Knowles

by Banana Crumble | May 15, 2019

This week's Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week - Ben Knowles - a freelance musician who also participates in a large number of endurance events (marathons, bike-rides, swims, Ironmans, etc.) to raise awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis. 


Fantastic Four .... all thanks to Archie!

by Banana Crumble | May 09, 2019

Good news is that so many under privileged children will benefit from one baby that will certainly be privileged...


The Virgin London Marathon - more than just a running race....

by Banana Crumble | May 02, 2019

Millions of pounds will have been raised to help so many charities but more than that the satisfaction of achieving something like this will live with people for ever


How to raise money and have fun with SNAP..

by Banana Crumble | Mar 28, 2019

Win win - raising money for charity and having a great evening!


Sports people spending flash with their wages?!

by Banana Crumble | Feb 18, 2019

Sports people regularly get ridiculed for their enormous wages and the amount of flash items they spend their money on.... so why do the good things they do get such limited coverage?


On Valentines Day what do we at Banana Crumble love doing ?

by Banana Crumble | Feb 14, 2019

As it is February 14th and that of course means Valentines Day, we thought we would like to put down the things that we love about Banana Crumble....


Radio stations unite and "Make some noise!!"

by Banana Crumble | Oct 15, 2018

In a world where bad things seem to make the news it is always good to find a story that gives you that feel good feeling.


Good news happens everywhere and where you least expect it.

by Banana Crumble | Sep 17, 2018

"A challenge isn't a challenge unless it's a challenge... "


Hanging on the telephone ..... to raise money for charity!

by Banana Crumble | Jul 12, 2018

What novel way of trying to raise money for a local charity....

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