A wolf and a dog in surgery…..

We saw this story in the news recently and it reminded us of our real life experience in a very similar situation. Nine year old Joshua had to go in for an operation . As he was so nervous he took his stuffed wolf cuddly toy with him. The wolf had a tear in its leg so Joshua asked the surgeons if they could mend the wolf as well.  His parents told Joshua that the surgical team would not be able to do that. When they came to see Joshua immediately after his surgery in the recovery room they were amazed to find the little wolf laying next to him with a surgical mask, a little cast and surgical quality stitches in his leg. Joshua was absolutely delighted when he came round from his own surgery. What a fantastic job this surgeon did.

When our own Chief Banana was about 6 he fell over at school playing football and broke his arm very badly needing surgery to fix the damage. At that time his favourite cuddly toy was a dog called Bludger (named after the Bludger in Harry Potter’s Quidditch!!). When the doctors and anaesthetists came to see Matt they were introduced to Bludger. Not only did Bludger have the same anaesthetic cream but he had the same operation too!! When Matt woke up Bludger was indeed bandaged up as well.

When children have surgery at such a young age their whole life can be changed by such simple things and these things really do make a difference. Such positive stories from the medical teams that are so busy but they find time to do these type of things just to make the children feel more at ease is an inspiring one and long may these actions continue.

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