Good news for the 2014 British Bobsleigh team…. but special podium moment missed

The 2014 Olympics back in Sochi seems such a long while ago and memories fade of winners and losers. The British Bobsleigh team consisting of John Jackson, Bruce Tasker, Joel Fearon and Stuart Benson finished in fifth position with a Latvian, an American and two Russian teams in front of them.

Since then a battle has been going on as firstly one Russian team and now the second team has been disqualified meaning that the British  team have been upgraded to the bronze medal position. This must be absolutely bitter sweet for the members of that team. They must be overjoyed to have had their achievement recognised and that the athletes taking drugs had been disqualified. However, all athletes must dream of that podium finish, standing in front of a crowd and being able to savour their moment of glory. The British team must feel completely cheated of that moment, the moment that they trained for and gave everything for.

The athletes will be allowed to decide where they would like to be awarded the medals, with a presentation at the next Winter Olympics in 2022 a possibility. However, with around three years to go until those Games it’s possible that a presentation could be made elsewhere at an earlier date.

Sport should always be drug free and it is commendable when these cheats are found out and the true winners are rewarded.

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