As they say from little acorns…

On a recent trip to a favourite beach in Spain we were horrified to see how much rubbish had been washed up on the beach. I think there has been so much media coverage about the scourge of plastic that I for one am far more aware of the devastating effect it has on the environment. There had been a storm so maybe it was worse than usual. The beach had bins and was cleaned on a regular basis but all we could see along the shoreline was plastic lids, pieces of plastic, bottle tops and general rubbish. I decided I would walk along the piece of the beach and pick up all the rubbish in the area in front of me, fully aware it was a token gesture as I could never remove all the plastic but I wanted to feel I had done something!!

I started collecting and then the lady next to me started to do the same and then the man next to her!! Before we knew it a long stretch had been cleaned and there was no obvious rubbish.

As they say from little acorns…

Perhaps we could all do just a little bit and see how far it takes us!!

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