The Wondiwoi Tree kangaroo isn’t extinct after all…

The Wondiwoi Tree kangaroo hadn’t been photographed since 1928 and zoologists had feared that the creature was indeed extinct. The kangaroo habited Mount Wondiwoi, in West Papua, Thailand. British naturalist Michael Smith had visited the area several times previously whilst looking for different species of orchids. He knew the stories about the marsupial and it was whilst he was looking for the orchids that he noticed movement high up above him in the trees and saw the animal. He was able to take a photo of the creature and was convinced, after checking all the characteristics of the animal, that it was indeed the elusive Wondiwoi Tree Kangaroo.

Scientists have looked at the photos and are convinced that the identification is correct and are planning to send teams to the area to find out more about it. They are even hoping to collect droppings from the animal and compare them to a DNA match from 1928 records.

In days when we hear so much about animals becoming close to extinction it is good to hear of one that has come back from that brink and hopefully will continue to thrive in its natural habitat. Lets hope that humans do not spoil the area by trying to track it down.

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