Good News – we are listening……

We are looking for your input. Please read the below and contact us with your ideas by clicking this link

It is now 18 months since we first launched Banana Crumble and in that time we have seen our membership grow. We have given away thousands of pounds in prizes, made people smile, raised over £6000 for charity, promoted numerous events and good causes and certainly spread lots of good news.

When we launched we used Google AdSense and this was the way that we were hoping to generate enough income to cover our weekly prizes. We are a non profit making company so the aim was just to generate enough on a weekly basis so we could continue to give away the weekly cash prizes. If more income was generated then we had the potential to increase our prizes.  In the time since we launched the advertising rates have fallen drastically and we have not been able to generate enough money to cover the prizes.

We have decided after a period of consultation both with members, non members and between ourselves that we need to take some major decisions. We can’t continue to lose money on a weekly basis, the adverts on our site generated by Google Adsense are annoying (many people just turn them off!) and these advertisements are not normally for things that fit in with our values.

What options do we have ?

1. Ask people for an annual £10 membership subscription and hopefully this way we can generate more than enough for the prizes and help us to continue raising additional funds for charity. We would hope that our current members would continue to support us and also encourage new members.

2. To enable us to move away from Google Adsense reach out to our members and ask them for companies that they would like to see featured on our site with their own advertisements. This would give new and start up businesses the chance to advertise with us and enable potential customers to see advertisements that they do want. If businesses want to make a reasonable offer for an advertising space on the website we will certainly consider it either on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

3. Stop the weekly free cash giveaway and continue with the good news part of the site and just do our own fundraising events. We are looking at hosting a “Banana Ball” on October 5th 2019, as well as many other events over the coming months so this way we are still able to do the fundraising for charity which was one of our major aims when we started.

4. Do you have any other ideas of things we could do to generate income to enable the site to continue with its cash giveaway side of its venture.

5. Find a company or person who would like to sponsor the whole site – if anyone has any ideas then we would love to hear from you.

We hope that over the time we have been in existence you have enjoyed our site and that we will together find a way of moving on and being able to continue with what we wanted to achieve.

Please, we are looking for your feedback. Having read the above why not contact us with your ideas and thoughts by clicking this link