Seventy Five years of saying thank you!

This week has marked the seventy fifth anniversary of the D-Day landings and what a moving week it has been.

There have been services all over the United Kingdom and also in France to remember all those who gave their lives so that future generations could enjoy the freedom they fought  for. When the news reports and historians talk about these events the thing that shook me was the young age of so many of the soldiers that were lost. Many were only fifteen. Fifteen years old, not old enough in today’s world to take their GCSEs, not old enough to leave school, still classed as a child. What a sacrifice these lads made and how the world has changed because of it.

Watching the footage of soldiers jumping from the small boats in full battle kit, carrying backpacks and hearing how many drowned before even reaching the shores is truly horrific. This is an event that shaped our life and history. We should all learn from these lessons and teach future generations the horror of war and we hope that this is never forgotten and the world has learned a lesson.

I saw a report from a veterans groups saying that at the 60th anniversary one particular group had to hire two coaches to bring all the veterans to the commemorative service, this time the same veteran group has one single member well enough to travel.  As the numbers dwindle the sight of veterans becomes more poignant until eventually it will be down to the generations who have not lived through the horrors to take up the mantle.

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