Such a simple act

A small act of kindness at this time of year really can literally mean so much….

Christmas is such a magical time of year and one that so many people look forward to. It isn’t the same for everyone as many people have no home, no family and no one to share Christmas with.

One such man was featured on the BBC news this week. He was 78 year old pensioner Terence who came from Oldham in Lancashire. Terence had taken part in an interview on the BBC previously saying that he had spent 20 Christmases on his own, since losing his mother. He said that when you are on your own you don’t get presents and it can be really lonely. He also said that he hadn’t got a Christmas tree. Dan Walker, who had conducted the interview, promised he would help and literally made Terence cry. Dan turned up at Terence’s house with a group from Oldham College. With them they bought a tree for Terence. He was clearly moved and so were the thousands of people watching at home . The College group also sang Terence’s favourite carol, Silent Night. To see the footage click here.

Terence won’t be spending Christmas on his own this year as in his work with charity Age UK he will be spending the day with a good friend. The feature is a real tear jerker but more than that it makes you realise that such a simple act of singing a carol, providing a small tree gave huge amounts of pleasure. Who will remember that most, Terence or the students that carried out the good deed? A small act of kindness at this time of year really can literally mean so much. I am sure that this will be something that Dan Walker will also remember for a long while.

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