Start lifting those trophies

With the fantastic summer of sport about to start enjoy the roller coaster!! 

Why does competitive sport take you on such a rollercoaster of emotions. People do sport for so many reasons be it just to keep fit, be healthier, personal goals, achieve something either as an individual or part of a team. Lots do just because they want to win!! The adrenaline of winning, doing a personal best and competing heals almost anything. Take football, the elation of lifting a trophy takes the winners to a world of happiness where reality gets overshadowed by the feeling of winning. For the losing team everyday triviality adds to the depths of despair and makes things seem worse. People dream of being winners, part of a winning team. The endorphins released during competition help with our mental wellbeing. If you always win you don’t know what is like to lose and if you always lose you don’t know what it is to win. Even the biggest underdog dreams of a giant killing moment. That is what makes sport so great.  It is this striving that drives people on. With the fantastic summer of sport about to start enjoy the roller coaster!! 

So what is coming up? The Europa League Football Final, Champions League Football Final, Cricket ODI World Cup, Boxing- Anthony Joshua, Women’s World Cup Football and Netball, Tennis – Wimbledon, Cycling – Tour de France, Formula 1 – British Grand Prix, Golf – The Open, Cricket – Ashes test series, Rugby Union World Cup, Athletics and Para Athletics – World Championships. Not a bad summer to look forward to!!

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