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Smile!!!!! You are on camera!!

Why not send us a picture and caption of you with your best banana smile and you may find yourselves on our Smile Wall. You never know some of your mates may already have been crumbled and appear in our gallery.

Why don’t you pick the one you believe is the best of the bunch. Go bananas and make your photo make us smile!!

Is your smile worthy of our wall? Are you sure?

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Banana Falls, or should I say Banana Fool #summerfun (Oct)

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR OCTOBER WINNER ...... If you go down to the beach today, you are sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the beach today, you had better go in disguise! #honeymoon .......YOUR £50 AMAZON VOUCHER IS ON ITS WAY

A Bunch of Bananas #holidayfun (Oct)

Bananas on the rocks #holidayfun (Oct)


#wheninrome (Oct)

Pool Banana #honeymoon (Oct)

Faceless banana #lifebythepool (Oct)

Banana Split #summerfun (Oct)


Banana goes sightseeing #summerholiday (Oct)

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