Scouting – could it help unite nations?

Scoutings 24th World Jamboree is taking place in West Virginia with over 45,000 Scouts taking part…

Scouts are descending on West Virginia in the USA as they attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree. These Jamborees are held every 4 years and this year over 45,000 scouts from 152 different countries are all attending. There are around 5,000 British Scouts taking part in the event.

The actual event is being held at The Summit, Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. The site is approximately 10,600 acres in size and has to be to cater for the large number of attendees and all the activities and educational programmes that are taking place over the 12 days that the event is on. Scouts are encouraged to take part in over 50 outside activities including rock climbing, white water rafting and zip wiring to name but a few. It isn’t all about having fun as there are lots of serious points to a jamboree. Scouts are encouraged to meet people from different countries, to learn about different cultures and to discuss modern day topics like climate change and sustainability.

How political leaders from various countries could take a leaf out of these scouts’ books. It doesn’t seem to matter where people come from they have common link and everyone is friendly and willing to join in with each other. The youngsters are willing to learn about other cultures and to embrace the differences. Hopefully as these youngsters grow up they will keep this empathy and the world will become a less hostile place than currently it seems to be.

Scouts have to fund raise to be able to attend but the wealthier countries have to raise more so that the poor nations can still take part. All of this helps youngsters learn true values. Scouting has played a big part in many people’s lives and so many life skills can be learnt at events like this. The 25th anniversary Jamboree is being held in South Korea in 2023, how fantastic would it be to see scouts from both the north and south joining in this together along with all the other nations showing the leaders that anything is possible.

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