Runners up on a BGT but a trailblazer for sure…

This new law is called Finn’s Law named in tribute after this heroic dog.

For many, Finn was a police dog appearing on the television show Britain’s Got Talent with his handler Dave Wardell. His magical and mind reading skills were second to none and he amazed everyone with his talent. In fact he finished runner up behind  Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery.

There is much more to the Dave and Finn story. Finn is a German Shepherd police dog and it was in 2016 when Finn, whilst on duty, was stabbed and seriously hurt. Finn was protecting his handler Dave Wardell. Finn, despite being stabbed in the head and stomach refused to let go of his attacker.  At the time it was thought that the injuries were too severe and that Finn was unlikely to survive the horrific injuries incurred on that day. During that same incident PC Wardell was stabbed in the hand. The attacker was charged with ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) but he could only face criminal damage charges over the injury to Finn.

After numerous months new legislation has just been put into place to protect animals that are injured in service. This new law is called Finn’s Law named in tribute to this heroic dog.

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