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Reasons to be cheerful !!!!!

by Banana Crumble | May 19, 2018

Today is Saturday 19th May 2018 and it is momentous day in the British calendar as Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be getting married in Windsor at midday. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of articles written about the society wedding of the year or probably even the decade!! Here at Banana Crumble we would like to wish the Royal couple a very long and happy marriage. We decided that it really should be a “feel good” day and we thought it would be great to look at 5 reasons we feel brings the country together and celebrate using the words of Ian Dury “Reasons to be Cheerful”.

A Wedding – everyone, or almost everyone, loves a wedding and it gives people the chance to celebrate. People are holding street parties and events all over the country and, in fact, all over the world. Here in the UK we are great at all the pomp and ceremony and people from all over the world look on in envy at what we have and what we do to celebrate such events. If you want to escape the Royal Wedding then it gives you a perfect opportunity to do something different. Not all weddings are as lavish as the Royal Wedding but to see young love being joined together will bring a tear to almost anybody’s eye.

A sunny bank holiday – our last bank holiday was one of the hottest on record and to see how people absolutely loved that weekend was amazing. Everyone had tales of BBQ’s, outside treats and it literally did make everyone smile. Roll on the next one and let’s hope it is just as sunny!!

Sporting teams – when our sporting teams do well and the whole nation gets behind them. Who doesn’t remember Jonny Wilkinson scoring that drop goal, Super Saturday at the 2012 Olympics, teams winning leagues and cups etc. We can’t forget that today is also FA Cup Final day and how all the fans travelling to the game and at home watching will have so many reasons to celebrate and be cheerful. That winning feeling is special and getting behind a team is one of those things we do well. Lets hope that the England football team can exceed expectations in the 2018 World Cup and we can have those euphoria days that happen when  any of the home nations are winning.  Bunting from cars and houses!!

A party or get together – be it a lavish birthday party, a small gathering and everything in between. Who needs an excuse. It is great spending time with friends and family as they all join in with a common interest. We are all so busy that time spent with our nearest and dearest is always to be cherished.

Winning a prize – of course a Banana Crumble free cash giveaway prize! So many of our winners have told us that winning one of our prizes really made their day. One said it turned a dreary Thursday into a great day. We will settle for that!!

These are our top five reasons to be cheerful but there are many more. Why not let us have some of your cheerful stories to feature on our Good News Page and help us make the nation smile!!

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