Prince Louis’s sunflower is winning

Maybe a love of nature will be something that people will appreciate.

Last week was children’s hospice week and during that week raising awareness and funds for all charities linked to this was the main aim. With the Coronavirus pandemic it has made a tough time even harder for many families as they try and support seriously ill children.

The Duchess of Cambridge is an avid spokesperson and supports many children’s charities and hospices. One of her charities is The East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH). Last week she returned to Nook, near Norwich in Norfolk to help with work being carried out to create a sensory garden.

Whilst she was there she revealed to a family that her own three children had all been given a sunflower seed. They were encouraged to plant and nurture it and were having a competition to see which one grew the highest. Prince Louis’s sunflower was currently in the lead.

The sunflower is the flower chosen to represent the children’s hospice but it is also a flower that brings happiness and comfort to so many people. Nature is remarkable and I think the pandemic has also made people aware of the amazing things that are happening with nature all around us. We are often too busy or in too much of a hurry to look around us and really appreciate everything. Maybe a love of nature will be something that people won’t take for granted.

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