Positive thinking..

Try and and do all of the things that you were unable to do and appreciate them all.

With the current lock down we all have so much more time to think about things that are happening around us. How many times have we all wished that we could have a few days indoors to catch up on jobs that we just never get time to do. How many of us have wished for more family time, to be able to play board games on a day other than Christmas and to just be able to catch up on things that our usually busy lives do not allow.

The pandemic that is Coronavirus is horrific and hearing about the number of people who have been infected and are dying just doesn’t bear thinking about. When hopefully this is all over and we look back on 2020 I am sure that we will all say there are some positives. We always try and look for the positive in every situation so here are some of the positives we can think about:

If you are not travelling to work you have this extra time that you can do something or not do something with depending on how you choose to spend your time.

Think of all the money you are saving without travel costs and socialising

We are all being encouraged to come up with ways of exercising and seeing the initiatives that have been introduced has given everyone a chance to try. There seem to be sessions for literally everyone. Hopefully this will encourage people to see the importance of keeping fit and this will continue once things get back to normal.

Many working parents wish for time with their children and as hard as home schooling and working from home must be it will give people that extra time together. A chance to be around for story or bath time.

It gives everyone a chance to catch up with all the jobs that you never get a chance to do, tidy that cupboard, sort your clothes, weed the garden, read a book, watch a film. We have made a list of the films we haven’t seen that we always wished we had and are having movie nights.

Learn a new skill. A close friend has taken up crocheting. It could be cooking, making bread, brewing beer. There are just so many things to try. In our usual busy lives there just isn’t normally time to try any of these things.

We are usually so busy we don’t appreciate the things that are around us. Being at home every day for the last week has made me realise how many shrubs are now in bloom that weren’t this time last week and how many more will be in another week. Appreciate the world that is around us that we just just take for granted.

I have spoken to so many people on the telephone or other media. It has been a great time to catch up with people and will be really vital to many and could be their only source of conversation.

The environment around us is definitely improving with the lockdown and hopefully people can take some of these steps into positive measures to help going forward.

The sad thing is that we all appreciate these things now but when things get back to normal that feeling won’t last long and we will all be back in the rat race and forget the good things that the extra time allowed us. I read somewhere where a person suggested every time you missed doing something due to the lock down you wrote it on a piece of paper. It could be popped to the shops or the park, buy toilet rolls, literally anything. Put the pieces of paper somewhere until after lock down is finished. Then take all the pieces out and try and and do all of the things that you were unable to do and appreciate them all. A great idea and I truly hope that we are learning from this horrific time in our history.

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