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Pillow talk

by Banana Crumble | Apr 25, 2020

Ken Benbow is a 94 year old war veteran, who lives in a care home in Lancashire. His wife Ada died last year and Ken missed her so much that each night he used to take a photo of her to bed with him. Ken and Ada had been married for 71 years before she passed away.

Carers were worried about the picture getting broken and decided to do something about the situation. Seventeen year old Kia Tobin took matters into her own hands and had a pillow made for the ex Royal Navy Serviceman. The pillow had a photo of Ken’s late wife on it. The video of the actual moment  he was given the gift was shown and it certainly brought tears to the eyes of those watching. He literally could not stop hugging and kissing the pillow and said he would take it to bed with him each evening. To see the moment the gift was handed over click here

A simple idea but one that meant such a lot to Ken and shows that thoughtfulness really can mean the world. In unprecedented times there are still stories to make us smile.

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