Perfect if you like white chocolate and Maltesers….

I wouldn’t want to come between Matt and his white chocolate!!!….

Taking into account that our Chief Banana is totally a white chocolate fan who is also quite partial to a Malteser why wasn’t I surprised when I got tagged in a post saying that Mars are bringing out a White Chocolate Malteser truffle for Christmas as a very unsubtle hint for a Birthday or Christmas gift!!

In our Chief Banana’s eyes this really is high up there on the list of Good News Stories especially as he has found out that they are already in shops. I wonder how long it will take him to track them down. Whilst looking into this I actually came across a petition trying to get the actual white chocolate Maltesers brought back. I didn’t realise the lengths people would go to just to find their favourite sweets but then I wouldn’t want to come between Matt and his white chocolate!!!

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