Oh My Goodness

as we said at the start life isn’t always doom and gloom…

Since we launched we have always highly rated the importance of good news to help create positive, happy and inspirational stories. It is even harder in the strange times that we are currently living in to find such features, however we have now found someone who is following our own ethos of Good News features.

Aled Jones has launched a podcast called “Oh My Goodness” and on the synopsis for the feature he states:

Oh My Goodness is what everyone needs right now. Goodness in each episode. Aled Jones is joined by a special guest to celebrate the good news we rarely hear, hailing unsung heroes and bringing you selfless acts of kindness that make our days just that little bit happier.

Always good to find that people agree with what we have been saying for several years about how important it is to remember that good news really does happen and, as we said at the start, life isn’t always doom and gloom. It is a great way to tell stories of amazing things, how people have been inspired and just things to make you smile. We will continue to find good news for you as well but thought you may like to know  good news really does happen.

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