Nothing good comes over night …

My advice to others is to start today, start working on yourself now, stop saying tomorrow and just start.

Riley Byrne, 21, was born with Pectus Excavatum, also known as “funnel chest”, a condition that causes the chest wall to cave resulting in a hole in the middle of the chest and flared ribs. He was bullied as a child, then at the age of 16 he decided to make a huge change and joined the gym in a desperate bid to change his body.

Current photos show that Riley has transformed his body and gone from a depressed and self-conscious teenager to a fit and body confident young man. He says on social media “My condition is typically present from birth so for as long as I can remember I’ve had pectus and was always extremely self-conscious about it. I had absolutely no self-esteem and was terrified of being seen topless as a kid. As I grew into my teens I became extremely depressed about my body and used to be ridiculed by people who would point at my hole which made me miserable and ashamed,” he addded.

Riley is now a fitness and online vlogger and he includes features on his diet and exercise plans, where he shares new training programmes with his social media followers. His advice is not to think about exercising and say that you will start tomorrow. Never put it off and just get started. All of Riley’s hard work has paid off and his website is full of pictures of him showing off his toned and very muscular body. He is keen to point out that nothing happens overnight and that it will take a while to notice any difference and states that every meal and every workout are important and that fitness is a lifestyle. He is keen to help people with body issues to overcome these through diet and exercise.

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