Nice One Harry!!

Definitely a win win…

We all need to hear some good news and this is a story that will make all sports and in particular football fans smile. It is unknown how much impact the coronavirus will have on sport and initially there were complaints about premier league footballers not doing enough during the pandemic to help. The teams in the lower division will all be struggling as potentially they won’t have revenue from spectators and many of these club’s existences will literally be on a knife edge.

Harry Kane, England’s football captain has said he will be sponsoring fourth division side Leyton Orient’s shirts for the coming season. Harry Kane, who made his professional debut for the club in 2011 whilst on a loan spell, said he was born and lived not far from the club’s ground. He wanted to give a platform to be able to thank the frontline heroes and this promotion will feature on the club’s home kit.

On the second and third kits there will be space for adverts from Haven House Children’s Hospice and the mental health charity Mind. This is a really good way of being able to help the lower tier teams as well as also helping the charities that will be prominent on the shirts. Definitely a win win and also a good deed from Captain Harry. I am sure that the Leyton Orient team will all be really pleased that Harry has made this decision.

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