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What happened at Wimbledon to really make us smile……

When Banana Crumble was launched we said that we wanted to feature positive stories or ones that made you smile. This is definitely something to make you smile.

Wimbledon is now reaching the latter stages and there have been many great matches during the tournament. The Wimbledon tournament epitomises everything British and has so many long standing traditions that make it the great tournament that it is. Although it is one of the top Grand Slam tournaments it still manages to keep that old fashioned feeling whilst being completely modern as well. The sunny weather always helps and it is around this that our article about making you smile is set. Imagine in the high heat of the day, playing a game of mixed doubles and taking to your chairs during a break to focus on the game, talk tactics and to suddenly have your peace broken by…….. the sprinkler system switching itself on several times soaking both players, their clothes and equipment. Officials were seen trying to stop the water with their feet. Maybe if the temperature  reaches a certain figure this could become a Wimbledon fixture.

To watch this hilarious clip click here. It certainly did make us smile and no doubt it will do the same to you.

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