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Memoirs Of An Embarrassing Mother - Part Two

by Banana Crumble | Nov 14, 2017

Illustration courtesy of Ruth Pickering

Whilst standing at the bottom of a ride at a water park in Spain (Aquapolis in Torrevieja to be exact!), I was aware of a large family group standing next to me. It appeared there was a family grudge match about to take place on one of the water slides.

Grandma was racing her three grandchildren. The whole event was to be recorded on a video camera for posterity. The rest of the family were standing at the bottom cheering, mostly it has to be said for Grandma. The more the crowd yelled, the more people gathered at the bottom. The race was set to start, nerves must have been jangling at the top of the ride as the racers took up their start positions. Grandma looked terrified. The grandchildren looked excited. The lifeguard at the top held his flag in anticipation. Flag held high and then dropped with the race commencing.

It was a good start from all, but with Grandma definitely being the most sedate. The three grandchildren were all in close contention as they were getting close to the finish. Grandma was shrieking loudly as she was speeding down the slide. The children landed with loud splashes heads bobbing up yelling “I won” almost simultaneously. The three of them stood up just in time to cheer Grandma on for the last few metres of the slide. Not only were they yelling and cheering but so were the family and the large gathered crowd. Everyone was watching. Grandma slipped into the pool in the most dainty fashion possible. She stood up to receive her applause and accolades. Arms aloft, huge grin on her face and her bikini top around her waist. I wonder how many times that video has been shown or spoken about. Not sure who was most embarrassed Grandma or the rest of the family or the large crowd watching.

As I said I am glad that it didn’t happen to me but bet that family has used that video evidence on numerous occasions and poor Grandma probably has never been allowed to forget what happened on the water ride at Aquapolis!

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