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Meet our Good News Story Inspiration - Sophie Holmes

by Banana Crumble | Sep 29, 2017

What was our motivation for promoting Good News? Read our story as to why we thought Good News needed to be promoted.

Sophie Holmes was born ten weeks premature and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at four months old. Her parents were told that she may not live beyond her teens. Sophie spent huge amounts of her young life in and out of hospital, receiving constant physiotherapy and on permanent medication.

At this point we did not know Sophie or her family but almost ten years ago we moved and become their neighbours. We weren’t aware to start with that Sophie even had Cystic Fibrosis. We just saw a fun loving girl who lived life to the full. She would always be out running with her Dad or the dog . She was always smiling and looked the absolute picture of health.

As we grew to know them better our admiration of Sophie and her family has grown immeasurably. Sophie has taken Cystic Fibrosis by the scruff of the neck and is doing absolutely everything to keep herself as fit as she possibly can. In doing this she has decided to prove the original Doctors wrong and try and fight CF with a combination of her love of fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Sophie has trained to become a fitness instructor to help with these goals and spends many hours at the gym training herself and teaching others.

When we heard that Sophie was planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro her Mum was obviously concerned but also very proud. We heard stories about Sophie training with an altitude mask set to mimic the oxygen deprivation she would experience at 19,000 feet to try and keep building up her lung function to make the trip and climb possible. If determination was anything to go by then Sophie would definitely conquer Mount Kilimanjaro and beyond.

The trip took place in 2015. Every detail had been planned to the inch and Sophie was off on the Challenge of a life time. The climb wasn’t plain sailing and certainly not easy but Sophie got to the top – only the second person ever with CF to complete this remark feat.

This is such a positive Good News story and if this doesn’t inspire you then I’m not sure what will. Sophie didn’t stop there and has completed numerous physical challenges since. Recently she spent another stint in hospital. Most people would moan about having to spend time in hospital. Not Sophie – she made the area around her hospital bed into a gym so that she could keep her fitness levels up and in the hope of increasing her lung function. I am sure at times Sophie must feel miserable but she has surrounded herself with such positive things to motivate and inspire her.

Sophie recently did the Race to the Stones – a 100km ultra marathon. I think the sentence on her blog which sums up Sophie’s positive attitude and is a real inspiration was when she was at the 95km mark she was disappointed that the sign said 5km to go – she thought it should have read 95km completed. !!  If we could take something from Sophie and look for positive things then the world would be a better place.

Read about Sophie on her website and you will be amazed at what she has achieved and what she still plans to do.

Instagram @sophiegraceholmes

YouTube: Sophie Grace Holmes

This is why we wanted to feature Good News Stories. We hope that you agree and can take something from this article and maybe provide a Good News Story of your own.

To find out more about Cystic Fibrosis please go to our charity page at

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