Meet Flame the fire station cat

Flame instantly makes them feel better…

Firefighters at Belmont Fire Station in Greenville, South Carolina in the USA took in a stray cat that they found wandering around. The firefighters decided to let him use their station as his home and since then the cat they named Flame, has become a social media sensation with nearly 13000 Instagram followers from all over the world.

When the small orange and white tabby kitten first turned up he wasn’t in very good condition but after several weeks and lots of loving attention from the firemen Flame grew stronger and thrived. The firemen all agree that Flame is really good for them as he seems to sense when they have had a tough day. He just rubs himself against their legs or climbs up into their lap and just wants attention. The firemen all say that when they come back after dealing with an emergency seeing Flame instantly makes them feel better.

Flame sleeps in or on the fire engines and seems to know that when the sirens sound he needs to move and he just jumps out of the way but he is always at the door waiting for them when they return.

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