Little did he realise how much good his action would do.

This just shows how a small act of kindness can snowball….

We all enter raffles and it is often a really great way of raising money for charity. Sometimes we win things that are absolutely fantastic and then others not so good. One raffle winner certainly caused an internet storm when he entered a raffle for a Birmingham homeless charity called Outreach Angels. Mark Whitehouse won tickets to the Championship football game between West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City. Mr Whitehouse is a West Brom season ticket holder and already had tickets so he decided to donate the tickets back to the charity.

The charity gave the tickets to a homeless man named Sean who was a Baggies fan. News of the donation spread and in no time at all money was raised for the homeless man so he could have an Albion shirt and a scarf plus £20 to spend at the game. A charitable foundation set up by former West Brom striker Geoff Horsfield heard about the act and are now trying to help the homeless man to find accommodation and get him medical attention. More money has been raised to try and get him a season ticket.

This just shows how a small act of kindness can snowball. Not only has this man been helped but it has raised awareness and shows that through sport amazing things do happen.

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