I’ve already told all my friends how crazy it is to win just for being signed up to a website and checking it on a weekly basis!  | Banana Crumble
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I’ve already told all my friends how crazy it is to win just for being signed up to a website and checking it on a weekly basis! 

by Banana Crumble | Mar 19, 2018

Having just passed our 6th month anniversary we thought it would be great to let you see some of the comments and feed back we have had from our winners. Hopefully this will give you some ideas as to how to spend your winnings and to prove that really Banana Crumble does what it says on the tin and it really is No Catch – Just Cash!!

“I was delighted to have won, and I’m going to put the money towards a new table for our kitchen” – Christine Caple (Newquay)

I cannot thank Banana Crumble enough, literally cried in lakeside 😂 All I did was sign up literally anyone has a chance ! Go ahead and sign up to Banana Crumble ! 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 Kiera Herbert  – Brentwood.

Off to Dublin for valentines/my birthday next month so beer money is what I’ll be spending my winnings on. Thanks Banana Crumble  – Mark Hewitt (Stoke -on -Trent)

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Banana Crumble for the £50 Amazon gift card. At the moment, I am collecting Funko Pop! Figures and with the £50 gift card I spent it on getting all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Once again, a big thank you to Banana Crumble! January Smile Wall Winner.

Thank you so much it’s a great idea and has made my Monday!! Charlotte Lock  – Billericay

Sorry I’ve been at a loss for words a bit, it’s basically changed my term at uni, £100 is a lot of money and I am insanely grateful to you guys for that! The winning part was quite unbelievable, I didn’t fully clock that it was happening until it hit my account, then it was just a great day! Thanks. Taylor Mudd – Romford.

Our Chief Banana with our first ever winner in Cardiff Student Union September 2017.

All I can say, is that winning first prize was like winning the lottery (almost) ! My daughter and I are going shopping for our birthdays – so the prize money will be spent there! Thanks chief banana! – Jo Camplisson – Brighton

‘I am really grateful and surprised to win the prize money! I am going to Barcelona tomorrow morning so this will make up the bulk of my spending money! Thanks to Banana Crumble!’ Brogan Stewart (Shenfield)

How does it feels to win?…Well…At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to win. There were some great entries and some stiff competition from a few. But when I saw my entry confirmed as a winner I jumped up and threw a few fist pumps in the air! What am I going to spend it on?… I’ve had my eye on a new SSD drive for my computer and this should definitely make a nice contribution to it! Many thanks for running such a unique competition! Kind regards – Jazz (February Smile Wall Winner)

I felt shocked and excited. I can’t deny I felt a little sceptical that there would be a catch as it seemed too good to be true! I am very grateful and it honestly made my day,  I have been in a really good mood since! I will be treating myself to a new dress, myself and fiancé to a dinner date and some scented candles with any leftover money.  Thank you for giving me a reason to smile. Naomi Coppard – Pitsea

Yeah I’ve already told all my friends how crazy it is to win just for being signed up to a website and checking it on a weekly basis! Thanks. Honey Carder (Rochford)

Well considering I have a hen do this weekend I think a round of cocktails will definitely go down well with my winnings 🙂 Lauren Howes- Basildon.

I’d say I was initially really surprised to win as I don’t normally win these things (luck isn’t really on my side!) but my friend had encouraged me to sign up, so I’m super happy to have won! – Emilia Grey (Luton)

I was completely shocked when I found out I won, one of my friends text me to tell me! I’m going to purchase my Coco Bongo ticket with my winnings for when I go to Mexico next month! Thanks so much – Phoebe Kite (Essex)

Winning the Feb smile wall was a little bit of sunshine to a dreary month of illness, snow and winter blues! It is always lovely to share a smile, and I hope that mine made a difference to others. I will be adding the £50 to my fundraising which will be split between the C.F. Trust and funds towards my son’s physiotherapy vest. Natalie Crawford (February Smile Wall Winner)

I was happily surprised when I’d found out I’d won one of the prizes and it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day! I will probably put it towards our house decorating fund! Thanks – Heather Wilshaw-Jones (Huddersfield)

Plan is to spend money on a day trip in Iceland in couple weeks – Chris Guy (Aylesbury) – see featured image.

If you have been a winner with Banana Crumble why not let us know how you spent your winnings.


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