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It really isn't too good to be true - part 2!! ...

by Banana Crumble | Jul 14, 2018

Don’t just take our word for it, why not read some of the comments from our winners!!!! It really isn’t too good to be true!!

I’m going to Africa for 3 months travelling so I will be putting the money towards my trip fund.  – Phoebe Hall (Southend-On-Sea)

I enter competitions and never win anything, so I was really taken aback by seeing my name in the weekly winners! What a surprise! With my girlfriends birthday coming up this week I think I know exactly what this money will be going towards. Thanks Banana Crumble!’ – Daniel Bhattacharya (Essex)

I’ve entered before and have always been pipped at the last minute so I was grateful and so happy to have finally won. It was great to see my entry as the winner and the confirmation email from yourself this morning. As I have a few nieces and nephews birthdays coming up I’m sure it’ll come in very useful towards those.  Amandeep Dhudwar  – May Smile Wall winner

Keep up the amazing work. This idea is great! Laura Soall (Winchester)

I am over the moon to win £100 on Banana Crumble! I check the website every week but never expected my name to be on the winners list. I am planning on travelling to Australia at the end of year so the money will go towards my savings for that. All my friends and family are jealous of my win, but they have all joined up to Banana Crumble now! Max Dupe (Newport)

I couldn’t believe it when I won! It was someone else that told me so I could claim it. A lady who found me on facebook!! Crazy, but absolutely great! – Cara Galloway (Manchester)

I was very surprised and shocked when I won, I never win anything! It must have been years since I last won something. The money I won will help go towards my funding my studies at University. Kane Simmonds (Gorleston-on-Sea)

I was very shocked to see I’d won £25 as I never usually win anything!  I only joined Banana Crumble this year so it was very exciting to win so quickly.  I’m in the process of setting up my own business working from home so I will use my winnings to buy some equipment for that.  Thank you Banana Crumble”. Leanne Smith (Lincoln)

These are the words from some of our most recent prize winners. Why don’t you sign up and then maybe next time you will be the one writing the positive quotes!!!

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