It only takes a minute…

Third round ties will have their start delayed by one minute to help raise awareness of mental wellbeing

All of the 32 teams competing in the FA Cup third round ties will have their start delayed by one minute  as part of a campaign to promote mental health. These matches will take place between 3rd and 6th January 2020.

The campaign has been called the “Take a Minute” initiative and is being run in partnership with the FA’s Heads Up campaign and also Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters Programme. The idea of delaying a match by 60 seconds is such a simple idea but it is one that will reach a massive audience. The idea is for people to take some time to discuss their mental health. People can be reluctant to talk about their mental wellbeing and for footballers to be able to endorse this programme is a great way of reaching so many people. The idea is to say to people that it only takes a minute to start thinking about your mental health. During the minute delay fans will be encouraged to consider the positive impact 60 seconds can have on their own wellbeing or in supporting a friend or family.

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