It is beginning to feel like Christmas

Certainly lots of cuteness. Happy Christmas everyone!

It is that time of year when people are starting to think about Christmas. The major stores have spent a fortune on their Christmas advertisements to try and persuade us to spend our hard earned money with them rather than with their competitors. The advertisements take all year to produce and the hype over the first showing reaches almost crescendo levels.

Despite all of the millions of pounds spent on these advertisements each year their appears to be one low budget advertisement that gets all the coverage. Last year it was an advert that had been made in 2014 by Phil Beastall that was called “Love is a Gift” and this year it is two year old Arthur that steals the show. His parents own a hardware store called Hafod Hardware in a Welsh village called Rhayader. The advertisement features Arthur helping with all the jobs in the store and really is one that has had everyone talking and been viewed thousands of times. To see the video click here. This film encompasses all that is Christmas and to be made on a budget must have the advertising companies green with envy. Certainly lots of cuteness. Happy Christmas everyone!

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