Isn’t it strange when you hear something that really makes you think and in a positive way.

Sometimes an action can only take a matter of seconds but it’s affects can last far longer….

I was reading an article about a child not having enough money to get home. The child went into a pub and asked if they could use the phone. They were directed to a pay phone, the landlord gave the child a coin so that they could call home and be collected. The child thanked the landlord who had provided the money and then went home with their Dad. After a few days the child’s dad enquired as to whether the chid had gone back to pay the landlord the money that they had borrowed. The child replied that they hadn’t borrowed the money the landlord had given it to him. The father said that it didn’t matter he should still go back and return the money. He said that if the child didn’t return the money then no one would probably notice but if he did go back everyone would take notice.

How true is this story? It only takes a small action to produce a positive response. In a world with so many negative stories, such positive tales can lead to even more positivity. Sometimes an action can only take a matter of seconds but it’s affects can last far longer.

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