Is that really a horse on a bus?!!

Certainly an image to make us smile!!

Two women were driving down a busy road in Cardiff when they spotted a horse close to the central reservation. They pulled over and stopped the traffic behind them. The horse had actually been struck by a couple of vehicles prior to the ladies stopping the traffic so it was scared and confused, although not injured. As the traffic built up a bus joined the queue. The ladies wanted to get the horse to safety and thought about trying to get a horse box but decided that the horse box would take too long to get to them so someone came up with the idea of lowering the disabled ramp on the bus and loading the horse that way and then driving it to safety.

This must have been one of those “did it really happen” or “is that really a horse travelling on the bus” and would have certainly made people smile. Thankfully the horse was reunited with its owner and all was well but certainly an image to make us smile!!

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