In times of adversity it is the community spirit that will come to the fore | Banana Crumble
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In times of adversity it is the community spirit that will come to the fore

by Banana Crumble | Mar 01, 2018

Dozens of villagers descended on the frozen M80 motorway in Scotland after The Beast from The East stranded motorists. Heavy snow fall meant that at its worst nearly 1000 people were stranded on the motorway between Stirling and Glasgow.

Many motorists, who had braved the horrendous weather as they tried to get home, were forced either to abandon their cars or to sleep in them as the M80 quickly became a car park.  Some drivers were stranded on the motorway for almost 10 hours. Locals saw messages on social media and decided to help those stuck. Villagers from Haggs in Falkirk near the worst affected part decided to join together to try and help those stuck.

Locals managed to get the key to the village hall and then they made hot drinks for those who were stranded. Many knocked on car windows to pass the hot drinks to those inside. In another place locals created a make shift dumbwaiter where they passed hot drinks and snacks over the edge of a bridge to give to the motorists stranded below.

Overnight the situation was repeated in different parts of the country with people again being stranded in the South West as Storm Emma moved in. People have been trapped for over 12 hours and many are still stuck. Villagers have trekked on foot to get hot drinks and food to the stranded drivers. Others have opened village halls and churches so that people could come in and shelter. The military has been brought in to try and help clear the roads and get people moving again. The majority of the country has been battered by the bad weather, again many motorists have been stranded on Saddleworth Moor, unable to get out of their cars as the wind speeds were in excess of 100mph. Locals were ferrying food and drink until it got too dangerous to get to the stranded drivers.

Despite the horrendous conditions locals were praised  all over the country for their community spirit. Many 4×4 drivers were ferrying essential NHS staff to work. Health staff were offering to walk to people in desperate need. Many people stayed up over night just to try and help others in need. In times of adversity it is the community spirit that will come to the fore. Good Samaritans – Good Snowmaritans!!

Stay safe and stay warm!

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