I had a dream!!

Have I achieved my dream – definitely, have I made money definitely not….

I had a dream!! I wanted to make the world a better place, I wanted to help people have a chance to take that first step as they start out, I wanted to help raise money for charity and I wanted to give people a chance to be happy!! That was my dream and we are now just over a year on from that initial dream.

Have I achieved this?

Our Banana Chat is aimed at an inspirational person each week and in most cases is someone at the start of their career needing a bit of publicity or a chance to have something published or advertised. How amazing is it that we have featured bands, musicians, sports people, business start ups and and many more. They have all been given the chance to promote whatever they want and to raise awareness for their own project or a charity close to their heart. This has been so rewarding and the feedback from those featured and those reading the article has been nothing more than remarkable. Tick – I feel I have well and truly given people the chance to take that first step into the world and hopefully help some along the way.

Raise money for charity – Absolutely tick, with our own fundraising evenings and the unclaimed prizes from Banana Crumble we have raised over £5000 for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. A huge sum of money that will hopefully help the Trust with their really valuable work.

Make the world a better place – In a year where there has been lots of bad news we have published almost 300 articles and every one has been a good news or positive story. If the feature didn’t  quite tick that box then it was designed to make you smile. Moving on to our Smile Wall, this has made so many people happy just by looking at it and when we get messages like this 100% we have achieved this goal.

Thank you so much, you would not believe how much we appreciate this as we were so worried about affording Xmas for the kids. This will really help us.

I wanted to make people happy – this is another big tick. Each week when we hear from our winners we ask them for a quote which we have featured in our articles throughout the year. To have helped so many people to do so many things, this is just such an amazing feeling.

I’m a university student so the money will really help with buying food and maybe a night out with my mate. It was really good timing to be fair, as it’s coming up to Christmas and I’m rather short of money at the moment!

Have I achieved my dream? I can 100% say I am really proud of all that we have achieved with Banana Crumble. Have I made any money from this? Absolutely not. I used some money that my Grandad left me to set this up and I know that he would be extremely proud of all that we have achieved.

How do we take Banana Crumble forward. We are looking for companies that have the same positive ethos as us, who want to help us raise money for charity, give people a chance to start out and to inspire others. We are looking for small companies who would like to feature with us and can appear on our website and would perhaps like to advertise with us. We want to find companies who are starting out who can’t afford the massive advertising costs associated with big business. If you feel that you are positive enough to want to join us and would like to talk advertising or sponsorship with us please email us at We are looking for bigger companies who would like to sponsor us and help us continue with our philosophy.

Unclaimed prizes, any profit goes to charity, people have the chance to win a cash prize each week – what is there to lose. It really is win win for everyone and hopefully one that we can take forward into our second year with Banana Crumble. How can you help us ? Read our articles, click on our adverts and get all your friends and family to sign up. Easy!!!!

Have you signed up to Banana Crumble yet?

Sign up today for FREE for your chance to win £25, £50 and £100 each and every week. Sign up takes 2 minutes. All unclaimed prizes get donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. By signing up, reading, sharing and liking our articles, you are helping us raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust! Thank you!

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