I captain West Ham and I have overcome mental health issues

Living the dream now but that wasn’t always the case…..

Gilly Flaherty captains West Ham Ladies football team and has played for England. She is a happy bubbly person that absolutely loves what she does. In her words she is living the dream. This wasn’t always the case and she revealed in an interview a few days ago that she had suffered from mental health issues and when she was 17 she had actually tried to take her own life. Gilly told the interviewer that she struggled being away from home, with a weight issue and also the fact she was struggling coming to terms with her sexuality.

Gilly has told people about the importance of being able to talk and to open up and stresses that weakness isn’t a failing but can sometimes be a strength, especially the strength to be open.

In the 11 years since Flaherty tried to take her own life mental health and its image has come a long way. People are prepared to talk about issues and bring them into the open. Football, with its Heads Up Campaign have brought the subject to the forefront in an area where in the past the subject would have been taboo.

The more people that tell their stories can only help those going through similar experiences now and show them that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel and with the correct help that great things can be overcome.

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