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Happy Birthday Dr Who!

by Banana Crumble | Nov 24, 2017

This week sees the 54th anniversary of the very first Dr Who episode, so here at Banana Crumble we decided to come up with lots of random and interesting facts in honour of its birthday.

Doctor Who first appeared on BBC TV at 17:16 on Saturday 23rd November 1963. Its scheduled start time was slightly delayed due to the assassination of President John F Kennedy the day before.

The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called The Doctor who travels in a time travelling machine called the Tardis. From the outside the Tardis looks like a blue police box which would have been a common sight on the streets of Britain during the 1960s.

Tardis is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

The first Doctor was played by William Hartnell, the current Doctor is the 12th Doctor and is played by Peter Capaldi who will make his last appearance in the 2017 Christmas Special. The new Doctor will then be played by Jodie Whittaker who will be the first woman to take on this role.

The process of changing from one Doctor to the next is called the concept of regeneration and was initially introduced when William Hartnell became ill and this enabled the BBC to continue with the series with another lead actor.

Doctor Who had many battles with fierce adversaries such as the Daleks, Cybermen, The Master and Weeping Angels.

The original Daleks were controlled from inside by operators who had to move the eye, domes and arms as well as operate the flashing light on their heads.

The original theme music was composed by Ron Grainer.

Dr Who’s home planet is called Gallifrey.

Dr Who’s most famous gadget is his sonic screwdriver.

The Weeping Angels were based on the children’s game “What’s the time Mr Wolf”.

The youngest Doctor was Matt Smith who was 26 in his first appearance.

The words Dalek and Tardis have both been added into the Oxford Dictionary after they became well known household words.

Tom Baker is the longest playing Doctor.

The noise the Tardis makes was originally created by rubbing piano strings with a key.

Peter Capaldi and Colin Baker are the only two actors to have been cast in other roles in the series before being cast as The Doctor.

Peter Hawkins was the original voice of the Daleks and he went on to also be the voice of Zippy in the children’s programme Rainbow.



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