Hair today, gone tomorrow!!

Should it stay or should it go?…

Over the last few months many of our articles have featured links to Coronavirus and the pandemic. It hasn’t always been easy finding good news to spread. Thankfully things are starting to be eased and businesses are taking the first tentative steps of reopening. One of the areas that has linked us all together, or almost all of us, is the fact that we have not been able to visit the hairdresser. Not everybody is in this category, our own Chief Banana has been cutting his Dad’s hair every fortnight. For those of us who throughout lockdown are now counting the days and probably hours until we can get to the hairdressers, that day is almost here. Many hairdressers opened on Saturday and despite all of the restrictions and new rules that need to be followed trade was reported as brisk by many establishments.

Whilst I am one of the many with an appointment in the next few days, I have also grown to love the extra inches that lockdown has allowed me to try. The dilemma that will face many, including me is: Should it stay or should it go? The amusing thing about lockdown hair is that people seem to have embraced the whole experience and nobody would dare to make a comment about hair not being perfect. One thing I do hope is that people remember this and that comments about hair not being perfect are a thing of the past.

It is great news that we can all get our hair cut but definitely take a lesson from lockdown and remember that beauty isn’t about being perfect it is about being the real you. To celebrate your new look why not send us a photo to and enjoy that first cut!!

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