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Teenager reunited with birthday money after a stranger finds it and puts a post on Facebook

by Banana CrumbleDec 03, 2017

We all see Facebook posts and probably most of the time just give a quick glance to them. Earlier in the week I saw a photo of an 18th birthday card and a wad of notes. I felt compelled to share it....


A real life Superman stops van falling off a bridge ...

by Banana CrumbleDec 02, 2017

A police officer held on to a van to stop it falling as it teetered on the edge of a motorway bridge.


A daughter's plea on twitter causes social media frenzy.....

by Banana CrumbleNov 30, 2017

A daughter posted a message and a photo on twitter and was amazed at the reaction her post got. Read this truly amazing story and see why this piece of artwork means so much to daughter and father alike...


Banana Chat - Meet Daniel Puddick

by Banana CrumbleNov 28, 2017

This week's Banana Chat is with Sundried founder Daniel Puddick. Sundried is an ethical clothing brand looking to get everyone a fair deal in the manufacturing process.


The 10 conversations in a Nightclub Toilet...

by Paul GoldNov 28, 2017

You finish your business and somehow, in your drunken state, find yourself talking to a stranger. Here are the 10 most common topics of conversation.... lets be honest, we've all been there!


Memoirs Of An Embarrassing Mother - Part Three

by Banana CrumbleNov 26, 2017

You know you are getting older when........ and I certainly won't make the same mistake this year. Read another embarrassing moment story.


Happy Birthday Dr Who!

by Banana CrumbleNov 24, 2017

This week sees the 54th anniversary of the very first Dr Who episode, so here at Banana Crumble we decided to come up with lots of random and interesting facts in honour of its birthday.


Why You Should Choose Ethical Clothing - Good News we now have a choice ...

by Banana CrumbleNov 24, 2017

Do you truly know where your sportswear has come from? Can you be sure that every person in the labour chain has been treated fairly? Are you aware of how much the production process has harmed the environment?


The Ashes ... one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time gets underway in Australia

by Rob JohnstonNov 23, 2017

Whatever the result, one thing is for sure:  this Ashes series will create yet more history and special moments to add to the rich tapestry of a competition which has been full of them for over a century.

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