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Sometimes a really small thing can change your life forever.

by Banana CrumbleNov 17, 2018

If this man hadn't seen that Panorama programme how different would his life have been...


Wayne Rooney - England's record goal scorer..

by Banana CrumbleNov 15, 2018

England's record goal scorer broke the record held by Bobby Charlton on the 27th June 2016 scoring a total of 53 goals and will make one last appearance tonight...


Banana Chat - meet Maureen Austin

by Banana CrumbleNov 14, 2018

This week's Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week - Maureen Austin, who was born three days after war was declared in 1939. Maureen is the wife of last week's Banana Chat guest, Henry Austin. Read on to see how their responses compared ...


Lest We Forget ...

by Banana CrumbleNov 12, 2018

It was certainly a powerful symbol of remembrance.


Mark Ormrod - an Invictus Inspiration...

by Banana CrumbleNov 10, 2018

Well done Mark, you are truly an all round inspirational person.....


Something good came out of something not so good...

by Banana CrumbleNov 08, 2018

I want to do the right thing by others and let some good come out of this decision....


Banana Chat - meet Henry Austin

by Banana CrumbleNov 07, 2018

This week's Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week - Henry Austin, an octogenarian who was a child living in East London during the Second World War. Very poignant as we approach Armistice Sunday...


San Jose - hiring the homeless!

by Banana CrumbleNov 05, 2018

The city of San José in Northern California, America is launching an initiative that will both clean their city and provide jobs for homeless people.


We love singing, drinking tea and eating cake.

by Banana CrumbleNov 03, 2018

Anything that lets you sing, drink tea, eat cake and raises money for charity can only be positive in our eyes!!

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