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A wolf and a dog in surgery.....

by Banana CrumbleJan 19, 2019

Such positive stories from the medical teams that are so busy ......


A half Marathon for Diversity Role Models

by Banana CrumbleJan 17, 2019

My name is Justin Farrance and I’m running my first ever half marathon in 8 weeks for a charity called Diversity Role Models. I’m training five times a week and hope to get a finish time close to 1 hour 35 minutes.


Banana Chat - meet Jade Rayment

by Banana CrumbleJan 16, 2019

This week's Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week -Jade Rayment, Mum of four, a former volunteer for the Ambulance Service as a Community First responder who is now a full time carer for her daughter Piper.....


Ellie Charles - a future Paralympian?

by Banana CrumbleJan 14, 2019

Ellie Charles, a 14-year-old girl with no arms and legs, was inspired to swim and chase her Tokyo 2020 Paralympic dream in not the most usual of ways.


Air Ambulance - 30 years saving lives

by Banana CrumbleJan 12, 2019

This year the Air Ambulance Service Charity marks 30 years of saving lives. Prior to its establishment in 1989 many seriously injured patients lost their…


An award 54 years in the making and well deserved ....

by Banana CrumbleJan 10, 2019

What a truly remarkable lady. It isn't just the standing out in all weathers but the commitment to the time......


Banana Chat - meet our favourite chatters!!

by Banana CrumbleJan 09, 2019

A summary of our 58 Banana Chats. What a picture this conjures up, the mind boggles!!!


Winter Smile Wall competition

by Banana CrumbleJan 07, 2019

Our Winter Smile Wall competition is open. Why not submit your photo to make us smile....


Our Top Five most read Banana Chats

by Banana CrumbleJan 05, 2019

Everybody has the ability to inspire. Why not take a look at our top five most read Banana Chat features from 2018....

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