Good News – it really can happen to you!!

It feels great to win, I never win anything ……

Yesterday was  the 21st September and it was one year ago that we carried out our first draw for Banana Crumble. So on our first anniversary we thought we would catch up with some of our winners to find out how they spent their winnings. We have certainly seen a range of items and events. We have helped with purchases for the house, putting money towards trips and experiences, shopping, nights out and many more things.

The one thing that has been said in so many of our responses is ” I have never won anything”!! This just goes to prove that anyone can win and hopefully by seeing some of the different things people have bought it proves Good News really can happen. These include:

“What a great idea Banana Crumble is: raising money for a good cause, while giving you the opportunity to win the weekly draw. I’m one of those that doesn’t generally win such things, so was pleasantly surprised to win this week’s draw. I’ll be using the winnings to treat myself to a new camping cooker for our caravan.  A special treat to help us enjoy the time away in our caravan” – Joanne Miller

“Thanks Banana Crumble for my win, I spent my money treating my friends to a round of drinks after work!” – Harry Fagan

“It feels great to win, I never win anything so it really made my day! I had a little shopping spree at Bicester village at the weekend so I think I’ve already spent my winnings on a new purse!”  – Sophie Wicker

“I’ve been signed up for aaaages! I’ll probably use the money to take me and my son out, I work full time and rarely get the chance to do things like this with my 3 year old.” – Meredith Mills

“It was a really good feeling to win. I’ve not had good luck recently as I broke my wrist last week and in a cast for summer so this has definitely made me feel better. I’m going to put the money towards a day trip somewhere with my dad.” – Honor Beckford

“I am off to Dubai in October and wanted to book a skydive so I will add this to my travel funds.. that’s if the money is not spent at an outdoors karaoke night on Friday.” – Hannah Randall

“Cheers to Banana Crumble for buying our Rose on the Beach on our recent trip to Cannes! A fantastic surprise to win and just before a holiday!!- Yasmin Firoozieh

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