Go Bananas

Can you work out the clues to these types of banana ?

There are several varieties of banana. With our clue and hint letters can you work out these varieties?

1. The variety that is most common in the supermarket

Ca- – – -is-

2. A smaller variety popular in children’s lunch boxes

L- d-/F- – – e –

3. Another variety commonly found today but very similar to the variety at number one in our list

W- – – -a- –

4. The variety that was commonly used before disease wiped it out leaving way for the current one

-r- -/- -c- – –

5. Native to Central America and it is genuinely a banana

-p- – -e

Please see answers below – how many did you get right?


  1. Cavendish
  2. Lady Finger
  3. Williams
  4. Gros Michel
  5. Apple

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