Freed “spy” finally arrives home 6 months later….

The whole country is relieved and delighted to have you home……

Matthew Hedges who was arrested for alleged spying in the UAE was flown home on Monday afternoon after he was Presidentially pardoned last week.

Matthew had been in prison for 6 months after flying to the UAE to do research on Security Protocols for his university dissertation. The UAE still claim Matthew “confessed” on video to being a British Spy but the video states him saying he was an MI6 Captain – a rank that doesn’t exist. This was his signal to the U.K. that he was having to say these confessions under duress.

When Matthew was finally freed and returned home he thanked those who helped secure his release, including the British Embassy and Foreign Office. “Seeing my wife and family after this horrific ordeal is the best thing that could have happend.” He continued to say.

His Wife Daniela tweeted the following….

Jeremy Hunt also wished Matthew a welcome return on Twitter….

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